Do you want to rebalance your body’s energy flows? Do you want to restore mental and physical health and well-being? Do you want to be aware of the force within you and want to bring it out? The therapist’s energy is available to you.

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What is pranotherapy: It is an ancient therapy formed from the Indian word “prana,” meaning “vital energy,” and the word therapy. The treatment is done by placing the hands of the pranotherapist at a distance of a few centimetres from the patient’s body, at energy points, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The energy transmitted is that of the practitioner, who in this way will go on to harmonize the recipient.

What pranotherapy is used for: It serves to recreate or revitalize the healing energy proper to every living being by giving the human body the ability to react to illness, decreasing infection, irritation, inflammation thus helping the Immune System to restore homeostasis.

The practitioner, who possesses a strong energy, with the laying on of hands can be of great help in resolving disorders and ailments of various kinds.

This is how a pranotherapy session is conducted: The client lies dressed on the couch, in total relaxation. The healer begins by performing an analysis of the energy state of the chakras during which the practitioner feels where congestion and energy drains exist. Regeneration and restoration of optimal energy is then carried out accordingly to the finds.


The treatment lasts approx. 1 hour. Pranotherapy, like all energy techniques, is not intended to replace medicine but performs only complementary treatments.

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