Giovanna Scapin, a Self-presentation

I was born and raised in a culturally stimulating environment: a bookstore, art gallery and cultural salon run by my father, Virgilio, a well-known author from Vicenza.

Shortly after graduating from high school, I entered an equally stimulating professional environment, in a different field: marketing and international business. I travelled like a spinning top, at the limit of my endurance, and to recharge myself, overcoming stress, I sought out and applied meditative techniques, gathering interesting insights from around the world.

As I deepened and verified the efficacy of these practices, also discovering to be endowed with a certain talent as a pranotherapist, a definite aspiration strengthened in me, pointing to what I already felt to be the basic vocation of this lifetime of mine, and I drew the consequences in 2012, by transforming what was previously a marginal activity, I mean yoga and pranotherapy, into a methodical and organized path of study and training, and then into a full-fledged profession. At this point my goals were no longer to handle my personal stress and recharge my batteries: they had become the full understanding and realization of our nature, our faculties, our destination: a holistic set of goals.

Concrete, living motivations are always a great tool for understanding and meeting each other.

When I came across the Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga school, which has since become my current choice, also at work, I started achieving important transformations, getting treated first, then meditating and learning how to treat first myself, then others. It is as if a real initiation took place at that particular moment, as spiritual unfolding was accompanied, as if by magic, by practical solutions for everyday life, in short as if my life had become, out of the blue, simpler and more linear, no longer like a salmon constantly having to swim upstream.

I was lucky enough to embark on this path with Maurizio Parmeggiani’s group, AIDIPH, the most structured association present in Italy, Spain and Greece.

Now I am continuing my studies in the Arhatic Yoga path and I teach Super Brain Yoga, the Basic Level of Pranic Healing and the Advanced Level of Pranic Healing, I organize Pranic Healing events, I am a therapist, I conduct individual Pranic Healing sessions also with the help of crystals, and I am a Feng Shui Pranic Healing consultant. I follow my students with evening sessions both in-person and on a zoom platform with meditations, practices and insights.

On Monday evenings at 8:30 p.m. we practice the Twin Hearts meditation open to all; anyone wishing to participate, in attendance and via zoom, can contact me at 3482351516 for the link.


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