What can be done with Pranic Healing techniques?

Pranic healing includes several techniques. You begin by hand-scanning (with no physical contact) the various subtle bodies, mapping all the relevant energetic occurrences.

In the etheric body, which is the mould of the physical body, we may find impregnations affecting the physical body – for example, congestions following a fall, congestion or depletion of a diseased organ. In the subtle bodies related to the psychic sphere, we find all those energies that over the course of our lives, if not before, have silted down and hardened, such as anger, fear, self-evaluation, phobias and so on. Unbalanced energy structures can lead to depression, mood swings, anxiety, irritability and more. Every illness starts from a psychic imbalance that, if unresolved, moves from energy body to energy body to physical body. Starting with the 11 main chakras that have both physical and psychic influences, with these extraordinary Pranic Healing techniques, we are able to clean deep down, down to the individual cell if needed, to eliminate disturbing energies and replace them with others akin to one’s life path.

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