Face lifting & Body Sculpting

Highly advanced Pranic Healing techniques for beauty and well-being. A glowing face and a body in which you will feel more comfortable can be easily achieved.


Having a beautiful, radiant and possibly wrinkle-free face is possible, all without resorting to cosmetic surgery. Improving one’s physical appearance by eliminating nervous hunger, dissolving fat deposits, working on varicose veins, breasts, drooping eyelids and more also helps improve one’s self-esteem.

Pranic Face lifting & body sculpting is a combination of pranic psychotherapy techniques combined with protocols that act on the physical, resulting in eliminating psychic impregnations and redefining the contours and shape of our bodies. Stress must be eliminated in depth, sufferings from life accidents that are imprinted on the face and body must be studied, worked on, and eliminated with the result that the person finds himself in a state of deep well-being, serenity, vitality, with a rejuvenated face and body.

Face lifting, as usual without physical touch, with only the use of pranic energy, can also be effected in accompaniment with a specific meditation that is meant to amplify the results: the person receiving the treatment remains comfortably seated, immersed in meditation while the healer performs the techniques for pranic lifting, in total safety. The treatment is also suitable for those who have no practice with meditation; in fact, it can be a good prompting to approach this technique, receiving all the information from the expert who will follow various stages: Personal meditation & lifting.

Stendhal called beauty “a promise of happiness,” so let us take care of ourselves, remembering that our outward appearance depends on our inner state.