Upcoming Pranic Healing Courses

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Begin a path that will lead you to harness prana to improve your energy, your health, and transform your life by developing inner peace and serenity. How? Through guided meditations and many other practices taught in more than 150 countries around the world

The body is the privileged place in the cosmos where the creative energy of the self is manifested...

Prana is the vital breath, the immortal breath of life, the energy that flows in our bodies through meridians, nadis, and energy centers. Years of study and practice have shown me the portentous effects that can be achieved by working on the various subtle bodies, each of which is in charge of specific functions. Physical, psychic well-being and outer beauty are synonymous with serenity and inner health.

Listening, feeling the client's energy, their emotions, their needs, allows me to go in and cleanse and reharmonize load-bearing structures of the bodies with beneficial, ameliorative and very often resolving effects of various kinds of physical and mental disorders. From a physical pain, we go back to the cause, to reduce it more and more, until it is nullified. Imagine a Matryoshka doll, a set of hollow dolls, one inside the other: the smallest, innermost one, represents the person's physical body. As an example, untreated stress goes from the outer subtle body down to the inner subtle body, with a domino effect, until it reaches the physical body and gives rise to various problems, such as gastritis or something worse. With our techniques, we reduce physical and mental discomfort with the aim of resolving both effect and cause. They are not a replacement to conventional medicine methodologies, but rather complements, without side effects. The best results occur when both the physical and energetic bodies are healed.

I love to see people flourish again, to give them serenity, which is why I also teach meditation, to clear the mind. I love beauty, I love to see harmony in faces and bodies. Every physical sign is a sign in the soul, so I also offer face and body lifting through the use of pranic energy. I work on lack of self-esteem, inability to feel self-love, anger, frustration, trauma suffered, and with prana I help nourish and rejuvenate cells. The face becomes brighter, wrinkles less and less noticeable, the body is reshaped, nervous hunger is reduced, and the mind is calmed.

Each energy center in our bodies acts on both the physical and psychic planes, consequently, if we want to permanently change the state of health, the energy structure must necessarily be changed.

Let us think again about how many narcissistic people we have encountered during our lifetime. These individuals prefer appearance to essence; they feel dread at the thought of old age and death. They may appear haughty, arrogant, in reality underlying their boldness is a feeling of inadequacy and a constant search for anyone who manifests admiration and approval for them, a way to fill in the inner void and increase one's self-esteem.

These are just a few examples of the discomforts that can be found, the need to recognize oneself in the gaze of others being the common denominator. J.P. Sartre argued that the gaze of others can subjugate us, Through Pranic Healing techniques each of us can instead learn to create a solid foundation on which to unfold ourselves.

In this work I put all my passion and study. Updates are continuous and very engaging, it is not simply about healing, but above all it is about developing, or re-awakening, what we already have in us: the ability to heal and self-heal, in the fastest and easiest way.

We can, without unwanted effects, increase our level of vital energy and positivity, learn to understand and intercept the immortal breath of life within us. This will enable us to detect and prevent ailments before they manifest in the physical body or cure them once they have materialised.